Made in the USA with Local Hardwood and Softwood


Made in USA from Local Hardwood and Softwood


The Travolin is expertly hand crafted and constructed using carefully selected, locally grown hardwoods and softwoods.  The Adirondack spruce soundboard not only has a superior sound but it also has the most stiffness of all the spruces and adds to the Travolin’s pleasing sound qualities and sturdiness.  Silverleaf begins by picking out the best trees it can find in New England. This makes for the best quality maple bodies and the best Adirondack Spruce soundboard and back creating the best sound quality at any price. We then process these at our plant where we maintain quality controls of each mandolin parts creation and assembly and enables us to maintain control of our costs. This results in a high quality instrument at a reasonable price that you can afford.


Once the Maple and Spruce are air dried to between 6 and 8% moisture the body is shaped, sanded stained. The soundboard is cut out, braced to reinforce the top and then it is tuned to optimize the sound output before being finished. The result is a crisp clean sound with great sustain and resonance.  Special care has been taken in the design criteria to optimize the fret height at the 12th fret.  This insures that you have great action and playability.  The solid bar stock truss rod gives great stability to the neck and also a well-balanced substantial feel as you hold the instrument while enhancing the all-around robustness of the design.