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Built-In Arm Rest


New! Built-In Arm Rest! 

  • Allows you to play your Travolin standing up wothout the need for a strap.
  • Gives you a place to rest your arm, wrist or palm while you strum and pick.
  • Protects your bridge and soundboard from damage while in transit.

Arm Rest has Versatile Utility

The Travolin's new arm rest allows you to hold the instrument against you while you play. This makes it easy to strum and pick while you are standing or sitting and you can go from sitting to standing without the need for a strap.

Depending on your playing style you may find that your forearm sits well on the rest  and some of you will use it as a place to put your 
palm while you play and you may find that resting your wrist works for you. Many players actually move from wrist to palm or forearm as they play and find it very comfortable. 

The other key advantage is the fact that the arm rest  is a solid  piece of maple and
acts to protect the bridge and soudborad when it is in your carry-on, backpack or camper. This adds to the rugged reliability the instruments' design and proves once again that the Travolin is Built for Travelin'.