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Rugged One Piece Construction


Rugged Unibody Construction is designed for travel


Most mandolin players play their mandolins every day.  But when you travel you are reluctant to take your good mandolin on the road with you because you don’t want it to get damaged. You know that if you buy a cheap mandolin to go on the road with it is not road worthy and the sound and action won’t be what you are used to. The designers at Silverleaf Instruemnts realized this and went to work designing a mandolin that will not only fit in a carry on but also will perform, sound and feel like a “real” mandolin.


The results of their research produced a rugged mandolin that has a one piece body. The new patent pending Unibody construction of the instrument is one piece of maple from the headstock to the tailpiece . Since there is no joint between the neck and body you will not have to worry about the instrument being flexed when it is packed for travel. The soundboard is hollowed out on the inside even though the outside looks flat. This internal arc allows for dynamic resonance while giving the soundboard extra stiffness for further road worthy robustness.  This resulted in a sleek design with great appeal and a ruggedness that lends itself to travel.