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"I received my new Travolin today.  Super fast shipping- I'm surprised at the volume and tone of this instrument. I couldn't believe the size.  Its perfect for take along, actually I'm planing on going on vacation next week and the Travolin will be going with me.  Great fun to pick. The service with Silverleaf is second to none."  -- Charles Hubbard, Virginia.

"Very Nice! The Action is real smooth (the strings) are not raised whatsoever. It is nice in the first position and up here (in the second position). I can even cross pick with it. Nice!" -- Danny Clark  International Bluegrass Museum, Kentucky

"I just recieved my new Travel Mandolin "Travolin" by Silverleaf. I was sold the minute I laid eyes on it. It is small enough to fit in an airplane carryon bag but it has the feel of a much larger instrument." -- Salvatore Sciandra, California 
“I have been playing my new Travolin for several days now and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. The action is great and it packs a lot of sound for its size. Doing business with you was also a pleasure.” -- Salvatore Sciandra, California 

 “ I am blown away by the action and sound” -- John Heaton-Jones Mandolinist, Maine